Future-of is Nitzan Hermon’s work with different collaborators, brands, and agencies; Nitzan is currently working with individuals in coaching, community and holding space for discourse. 


On Design

Generous Design is unknown.

It does not need authority, No need climb to the top of a tower. There are too many towers to climb, and by the time you got to the top of one there is a taller one built right next to it.
Generous design understands that in a world of AI cause and effect thinking is not enough.

Fully wrapping our arms around a system is a luxury we no longer have.

The interconnectedness of our lives makes order impossible. So rather than writing up maps, we should carry a compass.

So much of our lives is about navigating the unknown, unknowing is a human state.

Generous design accepts the liminal,
Open ended universe. It is strength through vulnerability. It is strength through its adaptability. All Rigidness crushes under the weight of change.

Generous design is not a beautifully designed object put on a pedestal, It is the shining of different lights on that object.
Generous design is not the war of words, but the dance of opinions.

Being territorial about knowledge is as futile as trying to catch air.

Generous is design for the unknown. It is about walking in the dark instead of waiting for someone to turn on the light.

It is about moving from the meta meaning to the lived experience and back.

It is about being able to self reflect and practice intentional thinking.

It is experiential thinking. 


"Nitzan Hermon brings to each project his broad variety of interests in history, culture, and technology"
Ken Goldberg, UC Berkeley

“Conversations with Nitzan have always helped me take some steps back, deepen, rephrase and articulate my understanding of human interactions”
Marie Bois, Cartier

“Nitzan is highly personal and reflective. He has natural mentoring and teaching abilities that bring value to all of his engagements and to all those who work with him”
Jeremy Harris, Estée Lauder


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