Future-of in an innovation and strategy consultancy, working with businesses and agencies on new ways of thinking, and new ways of being.


Future-of is Nitzan (︎), and collaborators 

Current Places

Confidential Professional Services Firm

Working with a top professional services firm, and its product vendor to articulate long terms goals and vision for a suite of machine learning products for the enterprise.

The work focused on the most engaging lay ways of explaining the benefits and potential in these new tools, as well as ideating strategic trajectory for growth.
This was a long winding project where the thinking was utilized on a number of fronts. Below are snippets of thinking.

Identifying Opportunities

  • Top level business understanding
  • Usable, thoughtful product

Is there value in the in–between?

  • We know we have business understanding
  • We know that we can translate that understanding to usable, agile products and tools
  • But can we talk about – and more importantly productize – the gradient in between?

We all share values and beliefs. 
It is evident by the way we develop software. But Can we scale that thinking?

Q: how do we scale thinking?

  • Articulate
  • Communicate
  • & Develop (Internally and externally)

What is our current flow of thinking?

Applied Thinking part 1

Field Services 

Edge to Edge machine learning

  • building customer–facing data tools
  • rendering value for the field person, as well as for the customer
  • Data set design, and identifying product opportunities it opens up
  • How may we delegate predictable tasks to a machine, and focus our staff on human–facing, and unknown situations?

Applied Thinking


Machine Aided Communication

how can we best leverage our kiosks and communication tools?

New forms of augmentation


Single Human > Single Tool

Industrialized internet 

Human> Tool

  • Tools are primarily virtual
  • Tools position themselves as virtual destinations, read platforms


Human > Tooln

  • We’re heading back to decentralization, micro instances of ownership
  • You own many cars: Uber, Lyft , et al
  • You own all songs: Spotify, iTunes
  • You own a castle for 2 days: AirBnb

What is next?

Humann <> Tooln <> Humann

Artwork by Bridget Riley
Artwork by Bridget Riley

  • no more unified, linear structure
  • instead a complex system of humans, machines and micro services
  • this will introduce new product models and paradigmsdistributed, adaptive, and paid for

* There is more to this work than can be shared on a public website

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