a rare individual

A unique creature

There has never been anyone just like you

And never will be

You have talents and abilities no one else has

In some ways, you're superior to any other living person

The power to do anything you can imagine is within you
When you discover your real self
By practicing a few simple laws of success


First law of success
Take inventory of your assets
Don't be modest or critical
Be open and objective
Get a pencil and paper
Write down every good thing about yourself you can think of


Second law of success
Write a description of the person you'd like to be
Describe your personal dress, your home, your automobile
Your desired occupation and income, be honest

Now, go even deeper
Describe the inner person you'd like to be

Let your mind run wild

Assume you can be anything that you desire

The fact is, you will become the person you honestly describe

You can't avoid it


Third law of success

Concentrate on a mental image of the person you'd like to be
Paint a picture in your imagination of who you want to become
Constantly hold this visual in your mind's eye
See yourself performing and responding like a champion
Feel the confidence and courage that radiate from this type of person

These three laws are powerful and effective in changing livesThey'll work for you without fail if you're persistent in applying them

Wishing us all adventures in success

↳ Will Powers "Adventures in Success"
(Official Music Video)

Written-By –
Lynn Goldsmith, Robert Palmer, Sting

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This is a 2020, Happy New Year, card I sent friends and collegues