Agency: The Science Project
Brand: Lexus 


Creative technology and strategy for a bespoke event space and member club

Sentiments from a client interview:
  • atmosphere to be defined by the people attending
  • craftsmanship
  • Japanese values, but outreaching to the world
  • can we echo material used in the cars with the space?
  • is there a way of gradually transitioning the outside to the inside?

Thinking approach:

A multifaceted approach to using technology in the space.

Let’s start by breaking down to general space and the event room

General space:

As subtle as possible, out of sight - "organic" technology.  Thinking Her, new bread of wearable technology.

Here are some ideas under the umbrella of analog technology (analogous to nature):

  • Full spectrum lighting
  • Walls with light memory (especially for dividers, and main area)
  • Interesting to consider a reset and/or a print button

  • Analog digital artwork: lenticular Printing

Docked phone on a table would bluetooth audio to a targeted speakers

conducive table cloths to charge your computer and phone

What is the whole facade of the building reacts to what’s happening inside?

the inside is slowly bleeding out through the walls

  • sensory  display projected on the outside of the building
  • projection of art celebrating the love of car design and technology

Some design references:
Patrick Le Quément (Renault), Naum Slutzky

 — via “When drawing is thinking”, by Patrick Le Quément, Renault Design creator

Event room:

Main concept
Nature and technology

What can be done with designed micro biology and spatial engagement?

Sound sculptures: synthesizing nature. Electronic sound pieces connected to plants

kinetic statues: iOT controlled kinetic installations
Inspired by Teenage Engineering Ortho Remote 
Graphic Thinking
linking vector art to fabrication techniques used in the carbon fiber loom

Some renders, from the pitch work:

I would like to thank  The Science Project for the inclusion, and  allowing me to share this thinking.
It was through this project that I first became  interested in Soft Technology, and later artifical intelligence.