Client: New Museum

NEW INC at Red Bull Studios

Brief: Graphics, visual language and signage for a week long event at Red Bull Studios

Production baseline: a set of 8 – 10 postcards in full color, double-sided print
How to design a visual language that is distinguished enough on its own, but also links to the museum / New INC?

Type exploration stayed very close to Neographik: bold, grotesk and with a lot of foreground area, but went in a slightly punchier, and less safe direction.

Typeface chosen was Trim, by Letters from Sweden


Keeping with New INC ethos – the visual language highlighted the members individuality, while drawing value from the juxtaposition of their talents.

Each member had a color assigned to them through programmatically analyzing their site. The color was paired with a vector graphic. 

Thank you to NEW INC, the New Museum and Red Bull Studios.