Name, brand and communication work for a VR magazine (content in a VR experience).

Early thinking

Broad themes:

  • primary
    • mixed vs dual reality
    • architecture
    • room grid
    • perspective
  • secondary
    • gaming
    • monospace

Examples of branding in VR:

Art references:

Lettering / name:

Thinking of referencing the phonetic source of the word there

Looking at TH-er as an option (domains seem to work as well)


Considering typefaces via Fontstand - a great option for high quality typefaces in a month by month leasing model (for web and desktop):

How Can We Think of a brand Identity in VR?

1D: Position

  • positioning: what historical, futuristic and other references do we want to make?
  • name: what does There mean? Can we dig into that?
    • name syntax maybe there
  • Is there a call for action (or call for affiliation) we want to ignite?

2D: Graphic

  • mood–board: visual research (past, future)
  • typography: lettering exploration, vetting those visually, technically and thinking about upcoming 2D / 3D upcoming considerations
  • branding: deciding on a traditional direction of mark, lettering, etc – or a completely different type of identity (moving, generative, spatial, sound–based et al)
  • color palettes: stationary and in movement

3D: Spatial

  • research: architecture, way–finding, gallery design
  • examples of kinetic communication
    • agent moving: highway
    • type moving: films, installations, art
  • layout concepts
    • for gallery setting
    • long form reading
    • immersive media
      • non “mounted” videos, text etc

4D: Movement and more

  • interaction with movement
  • spatial interactions: sound, et al.

The Identity